Netflix releases TUDUM viewing statistics, with over 25 million views worldwide


Just four days after the world’s very first TUDUM, Netflix announced some important statistics regarding the event. Last Saturday (September 25), the streamer hosted their first-ever global fan event, providing information on over 100 upcoming Netflix titles. Thanks to platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and many more, we have clear metrics for how many people are logged into the stream.

TUDUM and its pre-shows in Japan, Korea and India have garnered over 25.7 million views across 29 separate Netflix channels on YouTube, also including Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, TikTok, and the TUDUM website. Clips and trailers shared at the event totaled 300 million views on social media just 15 minutes after the show ended.

Yesterday (September 29), the streamer reports that the total view count for TUDUM, pre-shows, clips, trailers and other content stands at nearly 695 million views. In total, there were 3.3 billion impressions in 184 countries.

While TUDUM was in the works, the livestream’s hashtag rose to number two in the world and was trending for several hours in nearly two dozen different countries.

“The three-hour show generated a level of fandom that we have never seen before,” Netflix said in a statement, adding, “Netflix exists to delight our members, so it was heartwarming to see the enthusiasm and connecting people to these shows and movies on social media. “

During the live stream of TUDUM, Netflix released a series of trailers, exclusive clips and news stories teasing new seasons, shows and movies to come. Highlights included a teaser for Strange things, The crown Season 5 release month, a whole bunch of news on The witcher Universe, and much more.

“We created TUDUM as a love letter to our members to celebrate their incredible fandom,” Netflix wrote. “Thanks for listening! “

So, will TUDUM be back next year? This has not yet been clarified. But with these stats, it’s safe to say that Netflix can consider TUDUM: The Sequel. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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