New Astros-Braves World Series stats fuel fans with numbers


Baseball fans are arguably the most stat-obsessed patrons of all major sports.

Anyone who has been to a game bar or sports bar has heard or even experienced the charge / questions, such as, “If you don’t know how many home runs Barry Bonds hit in 2001, are you even a fan?” ”

With that very quirky quirk in mind, financial website WalletHub has posted a host of stats that will help good weather fans arm themselves against MLB chair managers.

A little detail from WalletHub’s Best Baseball / World Series list: Houston ranks # 3 in terms of how well an MLB team performs (well, duh).

But it’s all about the Astros, right? So, some statistics:

  • Astros and Braves World Series Draft Combined: 30 years
  • Average ticket price for 2021 World Series matches in Atlanta: $ 2,691
  • Average ticket prices for 2021 World Series matches in Houston: $ 1,702
  • Houston Astros worth: $ 1.87 billion
  • Atlanta Braves worth: $ 1.88 billion
  • Amount paid by the Astros per regular season win: $ 2.1 million
  • Amount paid by the Astros per win in the regular season:
  • Salary of the Astros 2021 team: $ 199.8 million
  • Salary of the 2021 Braves team: $ 176.4 million
  • Highest-paid active Astros player: $ 35 million
  • Highest-paid active Braves player: $ 22.4 million

Of course, there’s only one stat that Houstonians care about: one – like in a 2021 World Series title.

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