New campaign to celebrate Indigenous businesses in Canada


Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, EntrepreNorth, Pow Wow Pitch and Raven Indigenous Capital
Partners partner with Facebook Canada and Shopify to create national ad campaign for purchases
drive Canadians to Aboriginal-owned businesses.

TORONTO, July 14, 2021 / CNW / – Today, the Canadian Indigenous Business Council (CCAB), EntrepreNorth, Pow Wow Pitch and Raven Indigenous Capital Partners partnered with Facebook Canada and Shopify to spotlight Indigenous-owned businesses in Canada to consumers through a new campaign entitled, #WeThrive.

Illustration by: Alanah Jewell / @ (CNW Group / Facebook Canada)

#WeThrive invites Indigenous-owned businesses to Canada, with an active Shopify online store, to submit their products to a three-week advertising campaign from Shopify on Facebook and Instagram. There is no charge to apply or be presented.

There is an impressive and rapidly growing community of Indigenous entrepreneurs in Canada. Aboriginal-owned businesses have always encountered unique barriers; However, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented Indigenous entrepreneurs with significant additional challenges. According to a recent report of the CCAB, 73% of Indigenous-owned businesses reported a negative impact on their business due to the pandemic, while 37% faced temporary shutdowns. In addition, 72% of Indigenous entrepreneurs currently need financial support, but many are reluctant to take on more debt. According to a recent Léger survey, Canadians are impatient to show their support, 76% of Canadians believe that supporting strong Indigenous businesses is an important path to recovery from Canada relations with First Nations, Inuit and Métis.

Eligibility criteria
This campaign is exclusive to Indigenous-owned businesses in Canada with an active Shopify online store – participation in the campaign is free and there is no limit to the number of businesses that can participate. Businesses must have a Facebook and / or Instagram account, adhere to community standards and Facebook advertising policies, and must sell a physical product that can be shipped to consumers through Canada. A full list of eligibility criteria is available here.

Once approved to participate, Indigenous-owned businesses through Canada can submit up to five products that could be included in the #WeThrive Shoppable Buyer’s Guide advertising campaign.

Indigenous-owned businesses can apply to participate in the #WeThrive Shoppable Buying Guide advertising campaign by visiting

Industry collaboration
Facebook and Shopify work with industry leaders who believe in the power of Indigenous entrepreneurs and small businesses, including the Canadian Council for Indigenous Business, EntrepreNorth, Pow Wow Pitch, and Raven Indigenous Capital Partners.

“Shopify believes in a world where more voices in entrepreneurship creates more empowerment and economic opportunity,” said David Pereira, Global Indigenous Programs Manager at Shopify. “We are proud to partner with Facebook on #WeThrive to amplify Indigenous-owned businesses and help connect Canadian buyers with Indigenous entrepreneurs across Canada.

“CCAB research has revealed that Indigenous-owned businesses have faced exacerbated challenges during the pandemic,” said Tabatha bull, President and CEO, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. “Now is the time to think about how we can uplift each other in a more collaborative way by contributing to the Indigenous economy. #WeThrive provides the opportunity and platform to purchase Indigenous products and foster economic growth that benefits all Canadians. Spend your money where it can make a positive impact and start your own path to reconciliation. “

“EntrepreNorth is thrilled to partner with Facebook and Shopify to provide this opportunity for Indigenous entrepreneurs in the North who harness the power of business to help their own communities thrive and heal,” said Benjamin scott, EntrepreNorth Project Director. “The #WeThrive campaign also gives more Canadians the opportunity to support products that carry stories of cultural strength and pride at a time when it is most needed.”

“One way that reconciliation occurs is through trade – when we buy products and support Indigenous entrepreneurs,” said Sun Tenasco, CEO of Pow Wow Pitch. “The power of this program to help Indigenous entrepreneurs reach audiences across Facebook and Shopify is a fantastic opportunity for Indigenous businesses and those looking to support Indigenous communities. “

“At Raven Indigenous Capital Partners, we believe in the power of Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses to drive transformational change at the individual, community and ecosystem level,” said Jeff Cyr, Managing Partner at Raven Indigenous Capital Partners. “But not only that, these companies offer products and services at the cutting edge of innovation. #WeThrive is an opportunity to introduce these industry-leading Indigenous companies to a wider audience via the global platforms of Facebook and Shopify, and empowering Canadians to take action and vote for reconciliation with their dollars. “

“Through our ongoing work with Indigenous communities, we’ve learned how important online tools are in connecting their businesses to the communities they serve,” said Garrick tiplady, Managing Director of Facebook Canada. “We are passionate about helping Indigenous businesses grow and #WeThrive offers this opportunity for businesses and their products to be discovered coast to coast on Facebook and Instagram. “

#WeThrive builds on Facebook Canada’s initiatives to support Indigenous businesses and amplify Indigenous voices. Our most recent work includes a $ 500,000-contribution to the CCAB support program for Indigenous-owned businesses and the launch of #ReconcileThis – Indigenous Voices Online. In collaboration with the Native Theater of the National Arts Center, # ReconcileThis is a four-year initiative that provides hundreds of Indigenous creators with funding, production materials and training to share their stories, history and celebrate culture online.

CCAB is committed to ensuring the full participation of indigenous peoples in from Canada economy. As a national, non-partisan association, its mission is to promote, strengthen and enhance a thriving Indigenous economy by fostering business relationships, opportunities and awareness. CCAB provides knowledge, resources and programs to its members to create economic opportunities for Indigenous peoples and businesses through Canada. For more information visit

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