New Titans RB Adrian Peterson Chooses Another Football Chance Over ‘Dancing With The Stars’


In early fall, Adrian Peterson’s phone rang.

There were football teams checking out the future Hall of Fame veteran who was still a free agent. And then there were the calls unrelated to football.

According to SportStars agent Ron Slavin, as Peterson trained to try to play a 15th season, a representative of Dancing with the stars contacted the running back about a possible stint in the series. One of the most popular shows on TV, Dancing with the stars would have been something Peterson envisioned.

But it was early September, and Peterson still wanted to play. While the producers would have allowed him to leave the fall show live (which began in late September) for the NFL if he ended up signing, he wanted all of his attention to be on the pitch.

So Peterson declined the opportunity and continued to train.

It all pays off tonight as he takes the field for Titans-Rams as part of a squad taking the place of injured superstar Derrick Henry.

“I feel great,” Peterson said after training this week. “If they call my number I’m going to go out there and contribute any way I can. I’m doing a great job of being ready for a time like this.”

The passage on Dancing with the stars would probably have won Peterson several hundred thousand dollars.

Peterson first signed with the practice squad but was elevated to 53 on Friday. He trained for the team on Monday and was signed immediately. After diving into the playbook he’s impressed enough where he should be active tonight.

“You think of a perfect situation for a running back like me and my style, that would be it now,” Peterson told reporters. “I’ll do whatever they ask me to do.”


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