Nextech AR launches the ARitize 3D SaaS offer for e-commerce


Nextech AR Solutions Corp. (“Nextech” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: NEXCF) (NEO: NTAR) (CSE: NTAR) (FSE: N29), a Metaverse company, and leading provider of augmented reality (“AR”) experience technologies and services is pleased to announce the launch of its ARitize 3D SaaS offer. With the launch, Nextech is now expanding 3D / AR model building to an unlimited and growing list of customers and ecommerce businesses who want to rapidly expand 3D / AR model building at an unmatched price.

First announced in September, the company is now unveiling its new SaaS pricing model, extending Nextech’s revenue opportunities to a contactless service with monthly recurring revenue (MRR). By offering low monthly hosting fees and zero model building costs, Nextech’s pricing plans are much more affordable than other platforms, buying expensive hardware or hiring artists for individual models. The company believes it is the AR industry’s first true self-service SaaS platform that offers scalability, affordability, and ease of use. With Nextech’s artificial intelligence-based technology, customers can create the 3D / AR models in 3 simple steps. Watch a video for an overview of the process – click here.

Major retailers including Kohl’s, Lighting Plus New Zealand, Kmart Australia, Poly & Bark, Ezooza, NorthByNorth, Never Summer, Seville Classics, Skate One and many more are already using Nextech technology to deliver shopping experiences. in augmented reality to their customers. These immersive AR experiences give consumers the ability to “try before they buy,” resulting in higher online conversation rates and lower returns. (Shopify data shows AR can increase conversions by up to 94% while reducing returns by 40%). Through these retailers, thousands of 3D models are presented to tens of thousands of consumers. With the re-launch of the industry’s first low-cost self-service SaaS platform, the company believes it will quickly expand its reach to small and midsize e-commerce sites, which number in the millions.

Originally offered only as a managed service to large enterprises, the company is so confident in the technology that it now offers the same solution as a self-service SaaS tool that anyone can leverage. This opens up the technology to anyone with an ecommerce site, allowing them to offer webAR shopping experiences on their website. Whether the customer wants to create 5 models or 500 models, all they need to do is register, enter a credit card payment method and activate webAR for their website.

To make this process even easier as the demand for 3D models grows exponentially, Nextech is expanding this self-service SaaS offering as a 1-click integration directly into the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, which will be available to all traders as a plugin. In the first and second quarters of 2022, Nextech will integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magenta, which collectively represent over 7 million ecommerce merchants globally.

ARitize 3D Timeline of SaaS integration

  • Shopify – December 2021
    Shopify is North America’s largest e-commerce platform, accounting for 56% of total e-commerce merchants on the continent. Globally, Shopify has 3.7 million merchants. In July 2020, Shopify said: “With 3D and AR-ready models, your Shopify store will rank higher on Google and your models may even appear on the first page of search results. With Google’s focus on augmented reality, they are actively exploring the Web looking for templates.When Google finds a website or store hosting templates, it translates to better SEO.
  • WooCommerce – East Q1, 2022
    WooCommerce is an open source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Globally, WooCommerce has 3.6 million merchants.
  • Magento – East Q2, 2022
    Magento is an open source e-commerce platform written in PHP. Globally, Magento has 198,000 merchants.

Nima Sarshar, Nextech AR CTO, commented, “Deploying these plugins will quickly expand our reach of 3D / AR model building to thousands of e-commerce websites, showcasing Nextech’s key technological advancements in 3D model building. and AR mass integration. This is the first of its kind in the AR 3D model industry and we are proud to be able to bring what was once reserved for big players, to every ecommerce site in the world ”.

Evan Gappelberg, CEO of Nextech AR, said: “This is just the start of SaaS for us. After 3 years, Nextech is poised to reap the rewards of all our hard work as we continue to transition from integration into a unified suite of products implementing our scalable, low-cost SaaS business model. All our SaaS offers will live in our Studio Metaverse which will open ARitize 3D to the world. Our goal with all of our 3D technology is to fill the metaverse with 3D models and AR visualizations.

In 2022, Nextech AR will continue to develop its technology to support the expansion of its SaaS strategy. Recently, Nextech announced its intention to launch its “ARitize Metaverse Studio”SDK as a SaaS offering. As previously stated, Nextech sees SaaS as a significant advance in all of its augmented reality solutions. SaaS integration has huge implications for the scalability and future revenue growth of the business. With the continued deployment of SaaS, the company will continue to move away from its managed solutions and move towards Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), business scalability, and low to contactless RA for e-commerce.

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