Okanagan College project integrates Shopify into curriculum – Kelowna News


The OC Shopify project hailed

The internet seems to be sticking around for a while, so Okanagan College recently offered its business students a project that took a deep dive into the world of e-commerce.

The BUAD 335 open learning project brought hands-on e-commerce experience into the classroom, integrating Shopify into the curriculum. Shopify is a Canadian company and a global leader in the e-commerce industry.

Shopify gave OC students the opportunity to create their own online stores by building corporate brands, designing websites, developing product catalogs, and creating online content.

“It’s a tool I can use in the real world,” third-year student Katelyn Trudel said in a press release. “Now I understand how to make a website attractive. »

Shopify open learning specialist Leah Dagg said students even have access to real online stores and can make real sales if they have a product they want to sell. The company hopes some students will eventually work for or with Shopify.

“We are currently piloting a program where open learning students become Shopify partners as store builders,” Dagg said. “A few excellent students from Okanagan College participated in our early focus groups and pilot program.


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