Online car shopping is the latest travel trend


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COVID has done a lot of bullshit.

Traveling was big business. Being forced to stay in our own areas has actually changed the dynamics of vehicle purchasing a lot. Add in those who normally transited or shared a car and wanted to avoid the masses, and you’ve got a new trend. With the fall in production of new vehicles, but the surge in demand from carless city dwellers keen to get out and explore, the price of used vehicles has skyrocketed (who knew that a 2004 Jeep would be such an interesting investment?). People traded their trips to Cabo for a trip through the Rockies in a Honda and turned their gas-guzzling cars into electrics.

So now that things are almost back to normal, what does all of this mean? We chatted with Cody Green, co-CEO and founder of Canada by car to get tea on how the future of car buying.

Digital dealers are the way to go.

The way we shop has changed dramatically and it is mostly online. We all sat at home during COVID and clothing, groceries, home accessories bought online because it was easy, convenient, and contactless. The same goes for buying a vehicle these days. You can research, pay, or get financing and verify as easily as Amazon, then a car is magically delivered to your door. No contact, no bs and no wandering outside when it’s cold. You may not be able to test up to 10 cars at a time, but there is a 7-day trial return policy, which makes it all risk-free. You are also not limited to inventory based on your geographic location.

What about the women there? Now you no longer have to convince your friend, boyfriend, husband, father, uncle, cousin to go shopping with you because you know a shady car salesman is going to rip you off or charge you a fee including you don’t need to pay (can i get an amen?).

About Canada Drives

Founded in 2010 and based in Vancouver, Canada Drives’ mission is to be the easiest place to buy and sell your car in Canada. By combining technology with exceptional customer service, Canadians can shop, finance, purchase and even trade in their current vehicle completely online. The first of its kind in Canada, it’s a safer and more convenient way to buy a vehicle. With Canada Drives, Canadians can expect full price transparency, no hidden charges, same day delivery and the assurance of a 7 day money back guarantee.


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