Ordergroove joins Shopify’s “certified apps” club


Relationship commerce company Ordergroove has been named to the new subscription category of the Shopify Plus Certified App Partner Directory.

“With this designation, Ordergroove tops a highly selective and curated list of apps in the Shopify Plus ecosystem,” the company said on its website Thursday, April 14. “This certification establishes the category created by Ordergroove as a fast-growing category in the Shopify Plus ecosystem and enables Shopify Plus merchants to deliver a frictionless shopping experience that maximizes customer lifetime value.”

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Ordergroove helps customers get more value from subscriptions, including adding incentives for customers and giving businesses more ways to see analytics. Last year, the company saw a 70% increase in subscriptions and a 73% increase in new customers.

In its announcement, the company highlighted forecasts that 75% of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands will have a subscription business model by the end of next year, Total Gross Merchandise Value (GMV ) handled by physical goods subscriptions being on track to reach $349 billion by 2026, or 58% of the entire subscription economy.

The Certified Apps Directory ensures that Shopify Plus merchants can find and connect with reliable, high-performing apps as advertised. Shopify Plus brands that use Ordergroove to connect with customers include OLLY, Clif Bar, Peet’s Coffee, and Enfamil.

“For brands and D2C retailers, subscribers are their most profitable customer segment,” said Ordergroove CEO Greg Alvo, “As the demand for relationship commerce experiences continues to accelerate, we We’re excited to meet the unique needs of Shopify Plus merchants to create more experiences for merchants and consumers, while building lasting relationships.

On Thursday, PYMNTS published Alvo’s comments from the PYMNTS e-book, “Endemic Economics: 32 Payments Execs on the ‘Next Normal’ That Never Happened.”

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In it, he said the main reason “for subscription growth is to meet changing consumer demands. According to an internal consumer survey by Ordergroove, 86% of consumers prefer to shop with brands that make their lives easier. Subscriptions make shopping easier by reducing the mental and physical friction associated with purchasing products. »



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