Over 60 Ali Express Statistics, Facts & Reports for 2021


AliExpress is a shopping platform that works much like eBay. However, the pattern is just quite similar, with sellers, buyers, and items very diverse. The growing popularity of this website brings us to some really fascinating facts and statistics from AliExpress. We’ve put them all together and are going to show them off here.

In this article, we’ll provide you with the most fascinating statistical information, facts, and insights from Ali Express that you shouldn’t miss this year. You can really benefit from facts and statistics if you are an ecommerce enthusiast.

What is Ali Express?

In the Asia-Pacific region, Ali Express is an e-commerce factory. Alibaba’s platform brings together independent merchants and consumers to conduct secure and simple transactions. Ali Express is a facilitator comparable to the American eBay e-commerce site which does not sell any products directly and is simply active.

Established as one of today’s busiest e-commerce platforms, AliExpress was founded in 2010 by the Alibaba Group to enable Chinese businesses and individuals to sell globally. Jack Ma, the former English teacher who created the Alibaba Group, is the creator of AliExpress.

Ali Express Statistics and Facts 2021

In 2020, there will be a plethora of e-commerce websites available on the internet. Amazon is the most powerful of all. There is, however, an ecommerce website that can compete with Amazon. Ali Express is the name of the website. Only Ali Express has recent data that allows it to compete with the world’s largest online merchants. Ali Express is a Chinese e-commerce store owned and operated by Alibaba, a Chinese multinational, in case you didn’t know.

Ali Express has become a well-known brand in the Internet retail world. They found buyers in almost every country on the planet. Their income is increasing rapidly. The reason is that Ali Express has everything you could want at a super low price.

1. Origin of Ali Express

Here are some interesting facts about the origin of Ali Express.

  • Ali Express, Alibaba’s export cross-border e-commerce platform, was launched on April 26, 2010.
  • Ali Express was created by Jack Ma, who is also the founder of Alibaba.
  • When the business started, they couldn’t afford to recruit specialists, so Jack Ma hired farmers as salespeople.
  • He launched Ali Express with an investment of $ 60,000.
  • To establish Ali Express, Jack Ma borrowed money from 17 of his friends, former students and colleagues. In 2020, the vast majority of them will be extremely wealthy.

2. Scope of Ali Express – From 2021

The Ali Express is used in most countries of the world. Some of the fascinating facts about its reach are mentioned below.

  • AliExpress is used in more than 230 countries and regions around the world.
  • It is available in 18 languages ​​and localized for buyers around the world.
  • AliExpress is Russia’s most popular e-commerce platform. Russia accounts for around 28% of AliExpress purchases.
  • It is also the tenth most visited website in Brazil.
  • The “Top 5 Countries with AliExpress Buyers” are shown below.
  • AliExpress is used regularly by 16% of all cross-border Internet shoppers.
  • They have more than 150 million cross-border buyers in 2018. In 2017, this number was 100 million, compared to 50 million in 2016.
  • In Russia, AliExpress Shopping is the most popular Android shopping app.

Users and use of Ali Express

The Company has users all over the world. Some interesting facts about use are here for you.

  • In the past 12 months, Ali Express had more than 65 million active buyers.
  • It receives around 20 million visits every day.
  • Every month, 600 million people visit AliExpress. With 732 million visitors in
  • March 2019, he set a new monthly visit record.
  • With over 200 million visitors, AliExpress has around 150 million active buyers.
  • On AliExpress, there are over 10,000 merchants.
  • It has a 70% order conversion rate. This indicates that 70% of buyers on the site who pay attention to product details and information place their orders directly.

Other interesting facts about Ali Express

  1. First of all, Ali Express is comparable to the American e-commerce site eBay in that it does not sell items directly but rather functions as a middleman.
  2. Second, the number of people who use AliExpress is 150 million.
  3. AliExpress makes it easy for Dropshippers to find a supplier: For novice e-commerce businesses, Ali Express drop shipping is straightforward, easy and with minimal risk.
  4. There is no need to register with the government – When someone starts a new job, he or she has to do a lot of paperwork, which can get quite stressful, and the entrepreneur can sometimes become frustrated. However, with Ali Express drop shipping, you won’t have to worry about the legal ramifications.
  5. In AliExpress, iPhone tempered glass is the most popular item. Over 89,000 units have been sold.
  6. Here are AliExpress’s top 20 best-selling items:


Alibaba operates AliExpress, a leading online shopping platform. Buyers from all over the world are visiting this Chinese e-commerce website. They mainly come from Russia and Brazil. These are some of the most fascinating statistics, facts, and insights from AliExpress. There are a number of ways you can make money on AliExpress. One of the most intriguing is the use of a “Dropshipping Template”. Let me know in the comments if you want to know more about it.


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