Primark’s superfan shares her tips for shopping in the bargain store


A super Primark fan revealed her tips for getting the most out of the discount clothing store, including making sure you can always get the clothes you want.

Brittany Miller, said @bretanyhm on TikTok, says she shops at Primark up to three times a week – but never on weekends.

And she says that’s the secret to making sure you can get the outfits everyone’s talking about.

Brittany responded after sharing a video online of her latest Primark transport – and one user asked, “Why is my local Primark broken then?”

Users have complained that they can never find the last clothes they want at Primark, reports the mirror.

Brittany replied, “Girls, your Primark ain’t broke, you just aren’t shopping properly. So here are some tips and tricks for shopping at Primark.

“First of all, you have to go to Primark two to three times a week, at a minimum, otherwise you won’t find the good things that I find.

“I only go to Eastbourne Primark which is literally a small town, the Primark is tiny compared to the town Primarks.

“So it’s not like my Primark is good, you know what I mean?

“I only shop at Primark on weekdays.

“Weekdays are when they have deliveries.

“They have deliveries literally most days but never on weekends.

“So the stuff I find on a Tuesday won’t be there on a Saturday.

“Especially the good stuff, like that blazer – which will be gone by Saturday.

“So I go to Primark on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. “

Her video has been liked tens of thousands of times and has attracted thousands of comments.

Buyers said they will now plan multiple trips to Primark each week.

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