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First, new data from Integral Ad Science reveals that more than half of shoppers (59%) have easily switched to online shopping during the pandemic, but that as restrictions are lifted, around 75% say they will continue to buy locally and buy small pandemic, and about half will split their buying time between online and offline merchants.

Tony Marlow, CMO, IAS said, “The pandemic has transformed many shopping and social habits at their core. Consumers will keep some new behaviors adopted during quarantine, while returning to other pre-pandemic activities, especially around physical purchases. Digital marketers should embrace them. major changes to consider when designing their future campaigns so that every impression counts. “

Other interesting findings from the report include:

• 89% say their spending will stay the same or increase after the pandemic
• 57% prefer to see advertisements on sites they consider safe or reputable
• 83% say they will continue to buy online and order / restaurant delivery online after the pandemic

More data from the IAS report can be found here.

Meanwhile, new data from Avionos finds around half of shoppers say they will spend more this summer than they did last year. Part of that increase is likely due to COVID-19 restrictions being lifted around the world, more people traveling and trying to get back to their “normal” before the pandemic.

According to their report, about two-thirds (63%) of shoppers say they are “still overwhelmed” by the amount of communications brands send. To that end, consumers say they are looking for fair prices, correct and accurate deliveries / orders, and businesses continue to follow COVID-19 protocols to fulfill orders.

“As small local businesses and large retailers gain in different aspects of the customer experience, our report shows that both need to focus on aspects of reliability and trust or risk damaging the loyalty they have built. with customers during the pandemic, ”said Dan Neiweem, co-founder and director at Avionos. “It would be a big mistake to step into a time when nearly 40% of consumers are willing to buy experiences like vacations and other expensive purchases. Retailers should capitalize on the shift in sentiment by innovating the opportunities to make shopping as reliable and frictionless as possible. “

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