Shopify SEO – How Shopify Improves SEO [Podcast]


Loren Baker, our host, spoke with Kevin Indig from Shopify, who shared with us his take on the challenges of corporate SEO and ecommerce.

In this episode, we’ll learn about Shopify and its features, as well as its pros and cons and how it helps businesses and startups market themselves.

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0:46: Who is Kevin Indig?
5:46: Manage abandoned articles
9:23 am: Redirects
12:18 p.m .: E-commerce optimization
3:19 p.m .: What’s the advantage of Shopify over ecommerce platforms?
8:48 p.m .: What are your recommendations on image files?
22:51: Custom directory structures
25:35: Do you recommend internally linking products and collections to blog posts that are currently driving traffic?
30:08: E-commerce sites and Marketplace Partnership
36:47: Inventory of the pre-existing logistics logistics system
38:42: Product tracking
41:16: Shopify Plus vs. Shopify
45:52: Vacation preparation


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Additionally, as an added bonus, Loren and Kevin returned live to answer additional questions from our audience, which you can check out below:

1:08: How to use a Shopify site on a budget.
4:09: Kevin explains Shopify powered sites and partnerships with Google.
10:02 am: Most important content of the PDP page for Kevin.
2:59 p.m .: Kevin’s advice to speed things up and prioritize rendering applications on load.
7:16 PM Shopify’s take on duplicate content and handling multiple URLs.
24h59: Kevin’s opinion if the number of products is a ranking factor.
29h43: Recognition of SEOs on the lifetime value of a client.


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