“Sorry, how much?” – BBC man’s astonished reaction to incredible Celtic stats


Flawless. Stunning. Incredible.

Some of the superlatives used to describe Celtic’s performance against St Johnstone on Sunday.

But on BBC Sports Soundpundit Leighann Crichton was rhyming with statistics when host Richard Gordon had to stop his sentence in the middle to ask for clarification on one of them.

Crichton said, “St Johnstone were aimlessly clearing their lines which only led to a losing battle throughout the game.

“But that won’t define St Johnstone’s season. Callum mentioned it and they need to forget about it and move on as quickly as possible.

“In terms of Celtic, I thought they were faultless today. I mentioned some of the stats throughout the game. It’s ridiculous for any side to put this together.

“956 passes in total. 885 were completed and there were 93 dangerous attacks.

Richard Gordon was flabbergasted and asked for clarification, “Sorry, how many dangerous attacks?” »

Leighan replied “93. So that’s pretty amazing. They were dominating possession. I think it was 83-17% which, looking at the game, looked like 83-17 spread at least.

“It was pretty amazing. Every player that comes off the bench at Celtic has made a difference.

And to be fair to Gordon, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such stats in a Celtic game. Already.

It was really something that was summed up perfectly in the execution of Matt O’Riley’s second goal which can be watched here.

It was truly a thing of beauty. Just like this Celtic performance.

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