State likely to launch an e-commerce platform


With the aim of helping traditional industries to expand their businesses by exploiting new market avenues, the Department of Industries has set itself the goal of creating a common e-commerce platform.

The Minister of Industry, P. Rajeeve, has led efforts to explore the possibilities of marketing a diverse range of ethnic products under a Kerala brand. He called a second meeting of officials and experts as part of the effort here on Saturday.

In a Facebook post, the minister said the government is aiming for nothing less than a professional system that could match the customer-oriented business model of the corporate giants. He saw immense potential in building a global customer base for Looms, Khadi, Coir, Reed and other products through the proposed platform. It will include the provision of purchasing, delivery and logistics support. Digital University Kerala will spearhead efforts to launch the platform, he added.

Official sources have pointed out that various aspects including product positioning, cataloging, digital marketing, adoption of a central or decentralized store model, logistics partnership and payment gateway models will be considered. during the evolution of the system.

While agencies like Hantex had their own online sales portals, it remained to be decided whether such businesses should fall under a common platform. The department also hoped to learn from the experience of other states that have embarked on similar ventures.


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