Sweet shops plan a busy Valentine’s Day


SUPERIOR, Wis. – Valentine’s Day is approaching and candy stores are preparing for a rush of customers getting something sweet for their loved ones.

Sweeden Sweets in Superior says it is ready for additional business, which is expected to start the week before the holiday. Still, now is the time to place orders so it will be ready and available for February 14.

“If you want to make sure we have it, pre-order your stuff,” says co-owner Dan Klarner. “Because if you say, ‘Hey, I want to pick up a dozen strawberries on Valentine’s Day,’ we prep it all up and box it all up with names on it for you to come, pay, and you’re in. your way.”

Klarner says chocolates and fudge are the most popular Valentine’s Day items, especially chocolate covered strawberries. If that’s not what people are interested in, they also offer a wide variety of candy, popcorn, and hot chocolate bombs.

A recent addition are items that are freeze-dried at their location. “My daughter has been freeze-drying a lot of candy lately,” Klarner says, “like Skittles and Milk Duds and ice cream and a whole variety of different candies that she’s tried and experimented with. You know how (Skittles ) are chewy? You freeze dry them and they get crispy. It’s the same process they use to make foods that last 25 years; you vacuum seal it and then it will remove all the moisture.


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