The 6 best apps to track crypto statistics


If you are familiar with the crypto industry, you know how quickly the value of a coin can change. On top of that, the trade volume, market cap, and overall trajectory of the coin can go from formidable to terrible within days or even hours.

For this reason, staying up to date on the latest changes in the market is essential if you are a crypto holder or looking to make your first trade. So, here are the best apps you can use to check crypto statistics.

1. CoinGecko

You may have heard of CoinGecko before, given that it is a popular and comprehensive website for checking crypto statistics and updates. Well, now you can use CoinGecko quickly and easily from anywhere using the app.

With the CoinGecko app, you can view key coin statistics including prices, market cap, and transaction volume. On top of that, you can check the biggest winners and losers in the market so you know which coins to invest in or avoid.

You can also consult the main stock exchanges of the moment, as well as their trading volume and market capitalization. There is also a section where you can view market derivatives, such as Binance Futures.

While there is a lot of information you can access just by downloading the app, you can create your own wallet if you create an account. By doing this, you can add your favorite coins to your watchlist for easy access, as well as buy crypto, sell or transfer crypto, and check your past transactions.


The app is completely free, so you don’t have to worry about upfront costs or monthly subscriptions.

To download: CoinGecko for Android | ios (To free)

2. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is another popular crypto statistics website that also comes in the form of a mobile app, making it easy for you to check critical crypto statistics whether you are at home or on the go.

The CoinMarketCap app offers a range of valuable features, including your standard coin stats, top winners and losers in the market, and a handy price converter that lets you check the current value of a coin in your fiat or not. fiat chosen. currency.

Additionally, the CoinMarketCap app offers price alerts so that you receive notifications when your desired crypto hits a specific price. For example, you can set an alert to notify you when Litecoin reaches $ 180. On top of that, you can compare the price, history, market cap, and volume of any two of your chosen coins to see which comes out on top.

To download: CoinMarketCap for Android | ios (To free)

3. FTX (formerly Blockfolio)

FTX is primarily known for its Bahamas-based cryptocurrency exchange. However, the FTX app, formerly known as Blockfolio, has been a longtime favorite for those interested in or investing in crypto. And, considering the features it offers, it’s really no surprise that it’s so popular.

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Using the FTX app, you can view all the key stats for over ten thousand different crypto coins, from market newbies to industry giants. Plus, you can add your favorite coins to a watchlist and document your previous transactions, allowing you to track your buying and selling history.

Although it is not mandatory, you can create your own wallet if you create an account with the FTX app, through which you can connect your chosen exchanges and add your desired crypto coins. If you like to compartmentalize, you can create multiple wallets to separate certain coins and exchanges.

To download: FTX for Android | ios (To free)

4. CoinCodex

The CoinCodex app is a one-stop-shop for all the crypto statistics and updates you need. Whether you want to check out recent price changes for your favorite crypto coins or stay up to date on the biggest winners and losers in the market right now, CoinCodex has you covered.

Additionally, CoinCodex offers a comprehensive market overview for Bitcoin and crypto as a whole. You can also opt for price alerts to know when your chosen coins have reached a specific value or use the converter in the app, which lets you know how much a crypto is worth in any fiat currency or not. fiduciary.

CoinCodex also allows users to trade cryptos through Binance, one of the world’s leading exchanges. Simply click the “Trade Now” button on the home screen and CoinCodex will direct you to the Binance login page through your web browser.

To download: CoinCodex for Android | ios (To free)

5. Parts statistics

The Coin Stats app is a simple and reliable resource for staying up to date with the latest changes in the crypto market. With Coin Stats, you can cycle through the best coins in the industry, view 24-hour reports for your chosen cryptos, and take a look at the top winners and losers in the market.

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If you are looking for a new exchange or want to see which exchange is doing well right now, Coin Stats also allows you to view its ranking of the best exchanges in the world, as well as their 24-hour growth and trading volume. .

If you wish, you can also create your own wallet, through which you can then connect your exchange accounts or wallets directly to the app. This is ideal for those who want to access all of their crypto assets and accounts through one app.

While you can use the Coin Stats app for free, there are two paid plans available: Pro ($ 4.99 / month) and Premium ($ 19.99 / month). These two paid levels offer a greater number of connections and exchange or wallet transactions. So if you just want to add a few exchanges or wallets, the free version of the app will be fine for you.

To download: Parts statistics for Android | ios (Free, premium version available)

6. Delta

The Delta app is a popular choice among crypto enthusiasts for its range of outstanding features and easy to use interface. The app allows you to check the standard crypto stats offered by others mentioned in this list, such as coin price and trade volume, and shows you the top winners and losers in the market.

Plus, you can use the Delta app to build your wallet and track your favorite coins by adding them to your watchlist. The app also offers key statistics on non-crypto markets, so make sure you don’t confuse the two.

Delta also offers a pro version, which you’ll have to pay for annually. It currently costs around $ 70, which is no small feat, so be sure to use the additional features offered by the pro version (such as portfolio analysis and advanced metrics) before signing up.

To download: Delta for Android | ios (Free, premium version available)

Now it’s easy to check crypto statistics wherever you are

With these apps, researching crypto statistics, checking your wallet, and building your crypto wallet has never been easier. Whether you’re relaxing at home or on the go, these apps make it quick and easy to stay up to date with the crypto industry and make sure you don’t miss out on any important changes.

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