The online grocery hack that could save you hundreds a month at Tesco, Dunnes and more


Irish families will feel strained amid continued increases in the cost of living, grocery store fuel prices and more.

Weekly groceries can vary depending on how many people you’re shopping for – but always end up being a major monthly expense.

If you have a busy schedule, delivery may be an ideal option, and if not, you can always shop online and choose to use the click and collect options at select grocers. .

Despite the recurring offers in most Irish stores, there is actually a major benefit to using online services to buy the essentials.

Just like on clothing websites, you can search for the item you need and hit enter to see all the options available.

The online grocery hack that could save you hundreds a month

If you are on a budget, then you can click on the “sort by” option and choose whether you want to see the cheapest item first, or the highest, depending on your needs.

It reduces the time spent searching in stores and can save hundreds of families per month with the click of a button.

For example, instead of paying up to €5 for a bag of Italian pasta at Tesco, by choosing to sort your items from the lowest price on their website, you can pick up an own-brand bag for just €0.99.

Likewise, instead of paying €8.50 for three chicken breasts, you can sort by lowest price and get the same amount – but Tesco branded – for €5.32.

Other stores that allow click and collect options include Supervalu, Aldi and Dunnes.


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