Top 3 trends to watch in retail – ecommerce


Look for increased investment in organic search

“Instead of adhering to the age-old phrase of ‘location, location, location’, retailers now rely on organic search results to put themselves in front of consumers. There are two reasons for this: First, they buy more online and Second, PPC and pay-per-view channels are getting more and more expensive, “said Seth Besmertnik, CEO of Conductor.” From our report on digital transformation trends, we found that it There was also a steady increase in investment in organic search: terms like “SEO expert” have increased search volume by 550% and “online marketing strategy” has increased by 1000% since March 2020.. The competition to dominate search results is intense, but the real opportunity lies in organic search because as we know the majority of searchers will land on a search result. organic rather than a paid result – they just trust it more. “

Remember that more and more purchases are made on mobile

“We already know that COVID is pushing people towards online shopping, so consumers spend more time on their phones. Shopping in the comfort of your own home, from the convenience of your phone, is key. right now and will be for the foreseeable future – particularly between October and December. We have found that October 2020 has the largest increase in searches to date and we expect this type of increase to happen again. this fall. This is why it is so important to have an optimized mobile site or app experience, because M-Commerce is the new normal, “said Besmertnik.

Seek augmented reality (AR) to play a role in engagement 2022

“Digital sales domains are more sophisticated and more secure than ever. Want to see what furniture in your home will look like before you buy? Wayfair’s virtual room designer will show you. Choosing the perfect shade of makeup before you buy online? “Says Besmertnik.” Maybelline’s Tryon Virtual Makeup solves this problem. While researching our latest Retail Trends Report, we found that augmented reality in retail had specifically seen an increase of over 16% since August 2020 (YoY). Brand searches like “Augmented Reality Zara”, “Walmart Augmented Reality” and “Lowe’s Augmented Reality” have seen an increase by over 20% last year. AR has gradually become an essential technological tool for retailers. “

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