Top 5 Tips for Successfully Starting Your Own Ecommerce Business


Alexander Martino took his business The Scaling Group LLC to eight figures in less than a year through e-commerce. Here are his top five tips for success.

At just 24 years old, Alexander Martino has led his company The Scaling Group LLC to 8-figure revenues in less than a year. From inception of The Scaling Group LLC until today, Martino has amassed over 1,500 clients, most of whom have helped achieve a return on investment in excess of six figures. He even led four separate clients to become multi-millionaires.

Essentially, The Scaling Group LLC is a full-service digital marketing company specializing in helping investors grow e-commerce businesses. However, returns on investments such as those seen at Scaling Group LLC have always taken clients years, but Martino has found a way to help his clients see those returns in a significantly shorter time frame.

Here are Martino’s top five tips for starting a successful and lucrative e-commerce business.

Choose a voucher Platform

Most of the platforms that people choose to host their e-commerce business will have control over the majority of their operations. Rather than ceding control to these brands, you should choose a platform you can keep control of, like Shopify.


Attracting premium buyers is of the utmost importance, so having a clean, bug-free website to host and showcase the brand is vital to your reputation and financial potential. Websites can be daunting to create, but investing in a site that really showcases your brand and grabs people’s attention is well worth the investment.


Even if your website is top-notch, you’ll need to know how to strategically market your e-commerce business so people see all the hard work you’ve put into your brand. The Scaling Group LLC does just that, and does it well, helping our clients’ e-commerce businesses get the most traffic possible.

keep up to date With Running Jtorn

Thanks to the availability of technology, our cultural climate is constantly changing. Therefore, you should always test viable new outlets – such as TikTok, apps, Instagram, etc. – to expand your marketing network and bring you more business.

Rinse and repeat

After successfully launching your e-commerce business, take inventory of what worked and what didn’t so you can replicate it and continue to grow. Delegation and duplication are part of what has made The Scaling Group LLC successful since its inception.

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Posted on February 12, 2022


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