Twitter is the latest social media to attempt e-commerce


Twitter, one of the great original social media sites, is now the latest to throw its hat into the e-commerce ring by announcing Twitter Shops. While they are currently in an experimental beta phase, they are looking to polish the feature throughout the year and start rolling it out to more and more merchants.

With the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok all having a role in the e-commerce space, it only makes sense that Twitter would eventually follow suit. Below, you can see the full update from TikTok themselves regarding TikTok Shops.

Twitter Shops – More space to shop

“Today we’re launching a beta experience for the newest member of the Twitter Shopping family: Twitter Shops.

With Twitter Shops, merchants can select up to 50 products to showcase to shoppers on Twitter. The feature, which is free, gives people the ability to view products from their favorite brands’ profiles. So when you talk and discover products on the timeline, you can now also browse them on Twitter.

When you go to a merchant’s profile who has Twitter Shops enabled, you’ll see a “View Shop” button just above their Tweets. When you press the button, it will open that merchant’s shop, where you can scroll through items. When you are ready to buy, you can click on the product of your choice which will open an in-app browser where you can learn more about the product and proceed to checkout on the merchant’s website.

While our Shop Module allows merchants to showcase up to five products directly on their profile, Twitter Shops gives merchants a larger, fully immersive space to showcase a longer product catalog.

Like all of our Twitter Shopping features – the Shop module, Direct purchasesand our Shopping Manager – Twitter Shops is part of a broader effort to better support professionals of all kinds – from small businesses and creators to big brands – who come to Twitter to do business.

Twitter Shops are available to select US-managed merchants and partners. Companies with stores enabled today include @Verizon, @ArdenCove, @LatinxInPower, @GayPrideAppand @AllIDoIsCookUS. For now, people in the United States who use Twitter in English on iPhone will be able to view and interact with Twitter Shops.

People are already talking about products on Twitter. We want Twitter Shops to be the home place for merchants on Twitter where they can intentionally curate a catalog of products for their Twitter audience and build on the product discussions already happening on our service by giving shoppers a point of action where a conversation can become a purchase. .

As we continue to test, we’ll explore how to make stores easier to discover; add new ways for merchants to tell their brand story through their stores; increase the number of products merchants can feature and offer Twitter Shops to more merchants and more people.

Stay tuned – we can’t wait to make shopping easier than ever on Twitter.

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