WILLISTON—Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop volunteers Tony Tatarka and Georgi Gunnell have donated $1,000 to Williston Animal Group (WAG) President Carol Tchebanoff. The money will be used to help pay veterinary bills incurred by the 501(c)3 organization as they prepare dogs rescued from area killing shelters for permanent adoption. So far this year, they have found forever homes for 35 dogs that would otherwise have been put down.

WAG, located in Williston, is a small dog-only shelter run by loyal animal-loving volunteers. They normally have 10–12 dogs in residence who have been rescued from often horrific situations and need both TLC and veterinary attention. They started a “Foster to Adopt” program, which allows prospective adopters to take a dog home for a period of time to see if that dog is a good fit for that family.

During the month of June, a sponsor generously offered to pay all adoption costs. WAG has also launched “WAG Gives Back,"  a monthly giveaway of 30 bags of dog food, which it hopes will enable financially challenged dog owners to keep pets they already own. If you would like to volunteer or donate to this worthy organization, call them at 352-528-9888 or check out their website at http://www.willistonanimalgroup.com.

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