Top e-commerce companies in Latin America

The report also analyzes the expansion of online marketplaces in Latin America, including increased use of applications, including delivery and financials, and advises brand managers on how best to manage e-commerce campaigns in the region.
Readers of the report will also benefit from the combination of insights gained from Comscore data and best practices, insights and opinions from brand executives in Portada’s brand marketing network, as well as insights from industry experts. marketing from Infobip, Latcom, Meltwater, ShowHeroes, and Yahoo.

“E-commerce trends are a reflection of various indicators of the economy in different Latin American countries, hence the importance of such detailed analysis,” said Rodrigo Cerón, Senior Director, Global Marketing at Comscore. “Portada’s editorial insight, coupled with Comscore data, provides comprehensive insight that we know will provide tremendous support to the industry.”

The downloadable report here (free, registration required) answers crucial questions about e-commerce marketing in Latin America, such as:

  • How have online audiences (web and app) in the Food/Supermarket/Grocery, Department Stores, and Perfumes/Cosmetics categories changed? in the three main Latin American markets from 2019 to 2021?

  • What percentage of users of Brazilian mall websites and apps only use the app to contact retailers in this category?

  • Did the audiences of the 4 main online markets in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico increase or decrease between 2019 and 2021?

  • Does social media marketing have a positive correlation with web/app visits on Latin American e-commerce sites?

  • Do programmatic display or social advertising work better for achieving conversions in online shopping?

  • What other initiatives are useful to achieve conversions?

  • What are the case studies and actionable insights on customer service via social networks?

  • What best practices are recommended for the use of CTV and Digital out-of-home in e-commerce marketing?

DOWNLOAD HERE (free, registration required).

In addition to Comscore, the following companies have partnered with Portada for the report:.



melt water



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