The tables also include data for visas sponsored by the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government.

It is an ad hoc publication of management information and does not constitute a publication of official statistics or national statistics. It concerns the Ukraine Family Scheme and the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme: visa data published by the Home Office.

Summary table: data received from the Home Office as of 30 May 30, 2022

LocationSponsorNumber of visa applicationsNumber of visas issuedNumber of UK arrivals by place of sponsorship
EnglandSponsored by individuals68,22360,97737,015
North IrelandSponsored by individuals1,125947211
ScotlandSponsored by individuals3,6663,2591,860
Sponsored by the Scottish Government8,5767,6421,887
WalesSponsored by individuals2,8022,4561,481
Sponsored by the Welsh Government2,8662,453480

Notes on the summary table

1. This data is provisional management information from live operational systems and is subject to change. Data have not been subjected to the same levels of quality assurance as official statistics.

2. This data may include duplicate records. As such, they reflect information held in the system and may not be an accurate record of the number of people who have obtained visas. Caution should therefore be exercised when using these figures.

3. Not all issued visa records have appropriate postcodes for matching to higher- or lower-level local authorities. The number of excluded records is approximately 2%. Therefore, these figures will not match the UK total published by the Home Office.

4. These data are the number of confirmed visa applications (noted as “visa applications received” in Home Office publications), visas issued to come to or stay in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, and the number of people who have arrived in the UK under the Homes for Ukraine sponsorship scheme, brought together for operational purposes by the Home Office and the Department for Leveling Up, Housing, and Communities. The total number of visa applications received is based on confirmed applications. This includes applications where the applicant showed up for an appointment at a visa application center and provided their biometric information, or where the applicant did not have to visit a visa application center to give their biometric information (which was possible as of March 15, 2022). The recorded location for Ukrainians arriving in the UK is not where they arrived when entering the UK, but where they are placed. The Sponsorship Scheme is for visa applications from Ukrainians who wish to travel to the UK and who have nominated people in the UK who are willing to sponsor them.

5. This data does not contain the number of visas issued by the Ukraine Family Scheme.

6. There is a known undercount in Northern Ireland’s ‘UK arrivals’ data. This is because people can arrive in the Republic of Ireland and cross the border into Northern Ireland, which is not counted in the current Home Office data feeds. The Home Office is working with officials in Northern Ireland to understand the extent of the undercount and find a solution to reduce it.

7. All data in this release has been attributed to local authorities or the country based on the postcode of the sponsor’s address or the accommodation address if the applicant does not plan to stay at the sponsor’s address. godfather. The number of arrivals to the UK therefore does not necessarily reflect the number of people who arrived at the location shown in the table.

8. Some beneficiaries have indicated that the Scottish Government or the Welsh Government are their sponsors under the devolved government sponsorship (also known as ‘the'super-sponsor’) element of the scheme. This is where the Welsh and Scottish governments have pledged to match beneficiaries without a named sponsor at the time of application to a suitable sponsor in due course.

9. The figures included in the tables include some visas issued for which the identification numbers do not appear in the list of visa applications received. The reasons for this are currently under investigation.

10. This information will generally be released at 9.30am each Thursday morning until further notice, although for the week beginning Monday, May 30th, it was released at 9.30am on Wednesday, June 1st, due to the Jubilee holiday on Thursday, June 2nd.

Voluntary compliance with the Code of Practice for Statistics

The Code of Practice for Statistics was published by the UK Statistics Authority in February 2018 to set standards for organizations in the production and publication of official statistics and to ensure that statistics serve the public good. Although data from the Homes for Ukraine sponsorship program is not designated as official statistics, the principles of transparency and high-quality analytical results to inform decision-making and the public underlie this data release. A declaration of conformity is available in the “Voluntary Compliance” tab of the tables spreadsheet.

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