South Africa-based payment company, Yoco, has offered a selection of online payment solutions that fit the context of any small business.

Yoco combines digital innovation, creative design and financial inclusion, then creates online products that facilitate SMEs, creating connections to information, services and opportunities to obtain

The new solutions are aimed at modern commerce focused on freelancers who previously traded in cash. It started with its credit card machines, and Yoco continued to develop its products in new areas such as online payments to meet the needs of its merchants.

During the pandemic, Yoco recognized the need for its merchants to accept payments remotely, as they were unable to make face-to-face payments during the lockdown. In response to this, it accelerated the development of new online payment options, including Yoco Link, Yoco Invoices and Yoco Gateway. Since then, it has continued to expand its range, recently launching Invoices and a new Shopify payment plugin.

Yoco Link is an online payment link that can be sent to customers through any channel they choose, including WhatsApp, SMS, email, invoices, or even social media. The customer clicks on the link, enters their card details and pays.

Yoco Invoices allows you to create and send your own personalized, professional and tax-compliant invoices for free. Each invoice includes a unique payment link for one-click account settlement and instant recognition from the Yoco app.

With Yoco Gateway, merchants get paid online by accepting payments on their websites. The company has integrated with leading eCommerce website builders including WooCommerce, Wix, Shopstar, and Shopify.

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